Code Education
Learn How To Learn To Code

How to Learn


Free Code Camp has some great info on what to do when you get stuck. Check it out:

The short version is:

  • read
    • instructions, error messages, your code, documentation
  • search
    • google, stack overflow, forums
  • ask
    • your teacher, your friends, free code camp chat room, free code camp forums, the coder who made the thing you are learning from

Don't be afraid of text! Read it. Read it again. Read something else about the subject and then read the first again. When it clicks your brain lights up and that feels awesome!



Lots of grownups want to learn to code and lots of kids want to learn to code and lots of people want their kids to learn to code. Code Ed compiles some curated resources for busy people and offers a place to start.

These choices are geared towards kids but there is no age limit. Learn from what helps you learn, no matter how many candles are on your birthday cake.

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